"I still am struck with deep appreciation and gratitude that I was able to get input from my Teacher and the others visiting during our sharing. That experience has brought deeper commitment to my practice and conscious projection as a teacher.”

— Siri B. Khalsa, Austin, TX

“The first time I got a reading from Keri, my jaw dropped to the floor. She brought something up that was the furthest thing from my mind, yet the very thing I needed to hear the most. I am always inspired and empowered by our talks, and am so grateful I can turn to her for guidance when I am in need.”

— Charanpal Kaur, Santa Cruz, CA

“Keri is authentic!!!! I am a skeptical southern baptist and she shares things about my life to me no one would know. To know that my loved ones (my brothers) who have gone before me are fine is sooooo reassuring. I am more aware of their presence in my life and it makes me feel protected and loved!!! She introduces you to your Guardian Angel!"

— Dr. Gail J., Los Angeles, CA

“Before I contacted Keri, something devastating happened to me and I was looking for some insight on the issue. I was nervous at first since it was the first time I had a psychic reading, but when I saw her face, I immediately was at ease. She told me of my daughters’ drug addiction. which helped explain what happened to me. She also communicated with 3 men I had hoped to speak with, all of whom sounded as if it was their voice coming through her! I got the closure I was hoping for!”

— Kelly, Capital Heights, MD

“Keri possesses such extraordinary clarity, as well as warmth, wit, and wisdom. She came highly recommended by friends, transformed by the divine guidance she effortlessly and accurately channels. I have never experienced such intimate and constructive advice. It was like the effect of years of therapy, just within an hour! If life is a journey to know oneself, then a session with Keri and her tremendous insight is absolutely essential.”

— Coveney, Los Angeles, CA

“I met Keri this summer, I had never had a reading from a psychic before and instantly fell in love with her!”

— Lori, Austin, TX

“Of all the readings I have had, Keri’s is the most authentic. She truly has a connection with the spiritual world—it blew me away! Her guidance answered important questions, cleared obstacles and gave me the confirmation I so needed to continue expanding my business.”

— Malin, Los Angeles, CA

“I met Keri in June at the Summer Solstice kundalini yoga retreat in NM. We instantly knew that we were kindred spirits and I was immediately called upon to sit down and have her do a reading for me. It was a phenomenal experience! She enabled me to directly communicate with several beloved ones who had passed, including my father who died in 1968. I shed tears of joy! If her predictions for my future are as accurate as her observations about my past, I'm in for quite a ride!!”

— GuruGanesha, Herndon VA

“Throughout my life I’ve had many family members and friends pass away, but it’s never hit me to my core until I recently lost my younger brother. His passing devastated me, and changed my world. When we sat down and began our session Keri’s first statement let me know that her gifts were real! I was in awe, I laughed, I cried, and gained a sense of comfort. Meeting with Keri has helped me continue on my road of healing and no words, written or spoken can express how grateful I am!”

— Nadia, Los Angeles CA

My session with Keri was absolutely amazing and I highly recommend reaching out and receiving her healing services! Aside from her incredible abilities (which are incredible), Keri immediately created a loving and open environment which allowed me to open up more. Her suggestions have had profound effects on my being and have helped in areas where I have knowingly been blocked. Keri is wonderful!

— Kellyn, Crested Butte, CO

“I had absolutely no idea what to expect going into my first reading, but I left my session with Keri floored and crying - in the best way possible. She opened a line of communication with my spirit guides and that alone made me realize that I live my life in the middle of a hug from those who love me and want the best for me. My present state was both validated and challenged and my path for the future was illuminated. Thank you so much, Keri!”

— Drea, Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you so much Keri for you amazingly poignant and in touch reading at Shakti Fest. Your connection to the other side has helped me immensely in shifting towards a happier place in my life and letting go of hurt from the past. It also helped me realize that loved ones that have departed to the light are still with me, still love me, and still care for me. In love and light, with the deepest of gratitude, THANK YOU! Your abilities to connect make the world a better place.”

— Shanie, Lake Tahoe, CA

“If you are seeking information, knowledge and comfort from those who have departed, then Keri Ports is someone to trust for your reading. Searching for a justifiable, valid medium can be risky, both emotionally and financially. After meeting Keri in person, I was relieved to find her very personable, professional and kind. Many of the questions I had thought of over the years have now been answered and this has brought me closer to finding resolution and closure.”

— Shelli, Seattle, WA

“A friend of mine recommended Keri to me, and I'd do the same to anybody out there who is looking for a Psychic Medium. I've been around psychics, mediums, energy workers and healers my whole life, and she is right at the top. She tuned right in to what was going on in my life and was able to clear out the clutter, to help me see clearly with what was happening. She's an incredible talent and human being, thank you Keri!”

—Micah, Los Angeles, CA

“Keri's sessions are always insightful and therapeutic. She has an uncanny ability to tap into the Spirit realm, sharing details that only you and your family could know. I would highly recommend her for any questions or guidance you might be seeking!”

— Laura, Austin TX

“I had a reading with Keri and heard some profound and useful information. What comes through her is very clear and helpful. Also what I love about her is her “real-ness” and down to earth qualities. No etheric fairy hoodlie-doodlie stuff... She's the real deal. And she is really good at her job. :)”

— Alyson, Austin, TX

“I am the ultimate skeptic when it comes to believing that people can communicate with spirits or with animals, until I witnessed it with my own eyes...Keri was able to have a conversation with my dog that has changed our relationship. Knowing your dogs thoughts is a gift that cannot be measured. Keri is the real deal!”

— Colin, Castaic, CA

“We recently lost two pets, my best friends, and Keri was able to immensely ease our family’s suffering by providing insight into what the animals wanted us to know. She has delivered numerous messages that have enabled me to evolve into who I always hoped I would be. I have seen several positive changes in my relationships, interactions, lifestyle and spirituality since beginning our journey together. Her guidance and insights are quite remarkable!”

— Marla, Boulder, CO

“Thank you so much Keri for you amazingly poignant and in touch reading at Shakti Fest. Your connection to the other side has helped me immensely in shifting towards a happier place in my life and letting go of hurt from the past. It also helped me realize that loved ones that have departed to the light are still with me, still love me, and still care for me. In love and light, with the deepest of gratitude, THANK YOU! Your abilities to connect make the world a better place.”

— Shanie, Lake Tahoe, CA

“A big shout out thank you to Keri for helping Baby Lion Face@ I yesterday! If anyone needs help communicating with their animals, she's the lady to do so! Having BLF tell me what was wrong, then having the vet confirm was the most reassuring feeling. She was 100% right on. Thank you!!!!”

—Amy, Los Angeles, CA”

“My husband and I were having trouble reaching our foster dog as she was having trouble opening up to the rest of our pack. She spoke with Keri and we found out how she felt and what she wanted. My husband and I immediately changed our approach and she has not only opened her heart to us, but is thriving in our home so much so we will probably adopt her!”

—Brenda, Burbank, CA

I met Keri during a group reading in Sedona and was impressed by her openness, honesty, down to earth personality, and comfort level in doing readings for people in front of the group. My husband died suddenly and unexpectedly two years ago, and after his death there ensued a lot of drama and further heartache and loss in my life. I met with her the next day to have a one-hour private reading, wanting to surrender to whatever came up. I did not mention the death of my husband to Keri prior to our session. Without my prompting, she was able to reconnect me with my soulmate. She was able to communicate things to me that only my husband and I would have known, in the exact way that he would have said it to me during his human existence, using the same terms and phrases he frequently used. That experience has brought me tremendous peace and closure on a lot of issues I was struggling with. To feel his love again on a spiritual level brought an incredible sense of peace and comfort; I feel whole again. This experience made me feel that I was able to cut through the crap of human existence and experience my husband on a divine, spiritual plane where infinite love exists; feeling more loved by him than ever before. Since the reading I still feel that magical, infinite love between my husband and I - the connection to my soul mate. I still feel whole and complete. I can now say that I feel him with me, and I was not able to say that prior to our reading. Through Keri’s talents I now have a deep sense of peace. I have no doubts about her honesty and integrity, and for that I am ever grateful.

— Brooke


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