Since childhood, I've been empathic and intuitive, easily sensing feelings and information about places, people and animals, but I didn’t know why or always what they meant.

It wasn’t until I was 34 that I had a “psychic awakening” when my Persian-Jewish great-grandmother (who was also a psychic and healer, I discovered!), came through to me from the spirit world and started to guide me on my path as a psychic medium and healer.

I was guided to work on my chakras after making contact with my great-grandmother and after 6 months the flood gates opened.

Everyone has intuitive abilities, and one of the things I do besides give readings and channel spirit guides, is to help people become aware and develop their own spiritual gifts.

“Spirit is always talking to us. Spirit comes through in our daily lives, through dreams, through interactions with others - any way they can come through to you, they will.”

There are four main ways spirit comes through to us:

  • Clairvoyance (seeing) - Seeing images, people and other visual information. This can be in the minds eye, often seen at the 3rd eye center, or seen in physical reality

  • Clairaudience (hearing) - Hearing sounds words from spirit (general spirit guidance and channeled beings)

  • Clairsentient (feeling) - The ability to get intuitive information from physical sensations and emotions in your body

  • Claircognizant (knowing) - The most common form of intuition that almost everyone one has experienced. It can’t logically be explained, but you just know something - what to do or not do, what to eat, who is right for you to be in a relationship with, and even messages from loved ones. You don’t try to tune in and ask something, but truth just dawns on you like a light bulb being turned on in your mind.

During a reading, information comes through me in all four of these ways.

Often, people have a specific question or issue they’d like information on, or a loved one with whom they want speak. Spirit usually comes through with direct guidance and connection to what is desired, but they see a larger picture that either you or I understand. You might find that your mind is focused on one thing, but they want to talk about something else. Readings are always a dynamic and creative process!


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