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 I am a human & animal psychic/medium/spiritual healer with a passion for traveling around the globe giving intuitive readings for those seeking guidance on their spiritual path.  I work with people privately, in small groups and also teach workshops.  Readings are done in person, on phone or on Skype. 

My purpose in this life is to help elevate consciousness! I work one on one with you and teach you the tools to raise your personal vibration, so that YOU can fulfill your own Divine purpose!  We are all a spiritual community, a tribe, that is being called to wake up and live consciously, treating each person, animal, and mother nature with kindness, compassion, respect…and most of all LOVE!





The first time I got a reading from Keri, my jaw dropped to the floor. She brought something up that was the furthest thing from my mind, yet the very thing I needed to hear the most. I am always inspired and empowered by our talks, and am so grateful I can turn to her for guidance when I am in need.
Charanpal Kaur, Santa Cruz, Ca

 Before I contacted Keri, something devastating happened to me and I was looking for some insight on the issue. I was nervous at first since was the first time I had a psychic reading, but when I saw her face, I immediately was at ease.  She told me of my daughters drug addiction which helped explain what happened to me and she also communicated with 3 men I had hoped to speak with, all of whom sounded as if it was there voice coming through her! I got the closure I was hoping for!

Kelly, Capital Heights, MD

My experience with Keri was course altering. I visited her amidst a time of significant (yet well concealed) inner conflict — she guided my truths to the surface and assisted me in arriving at conclusions that, while confronting, have proved vital to my path.

Sarah, Los Angeles, Ca

Keri is AUTHENTIC !!!! I am a skeptical southern baptist and she shares things about my life to me NO ONE would know. To know my loved ones ( my brothers ) who have gone before me are fine is sooooo reassuring . I am more aware of their presence in my life and it makes me feel protected and loved!!! SHE INTRODUCES YOU TO YOUR GUARDIAN ANGEL!!!!!

Dr. Gail J., Los Angeles, Ca

I met Keri in June at the Summer Solstice kundalini yoga retreat in NM. We instantly knew that we were kindred spirits and I was immediately called upon to sit down and have her do a reading for me. It was a phenomenal experience! She enabled me to directly communicate with several beloved ones who had passed, including my father who died in 1968. I shed tears of joy! If her predictions for my future are as accurate as her observations about my past, I’m in for quite a ride!!

GuruGanesha, Herndon, VA

Of all the readings I have had, Keri’s is the most authentic.  She truly has a connection with the spiritual world – it blew me away! Her guidance answered important questions, cleared obstacles and gave me the confirmation I so needed to continue expanding my business.


Malin, Los Angeles, Ca

Throughout my life I’ve had many family members and friends pass away, but it’s never hit me to my core until I recently lost my younger brother. His passing devastated me, and changed my world. When we sat down and began our session Keri’s first statement let me know that her gifts were REAL! I was in awe, I laughed, I cried, and gained a sense of comfort. Meeting with Keri has helped me continue on my road of healing and no words, written or spoken can express how grateful I am!



Nadia, Los Angeles, Ca

My session with Keri was absolutely amazing and I highly recommend reaching out and receiving her healing services! Aside from her incredible abilities (which are incredible), Keri immediately created a loving and open environment which allowed me to open up more. Her suggestions have had profound effects on my being and have helped in areas where I have knowingly been blocked. I was and still am, in awe of her navigation through my own vortex’s. Keri is wonderful!

Kellyn, Crested Butte, CO
Keri possesses such extraordinary clarity, as well as warmth, wit, and wisdom.  She came highly recommended by friends, transformed by the divine guidance she effortlessly and accurately channels. I have never experienced such intimate and constructive advice. It was like the effect of years of therapy, just within an hour! If life is a journey to know oneself, then a session with Keri and her tremendous insight is absolutely essential.
Coveney, Los Angeles, CA

If you are seeking information, knowledge and comfort from those who have departed, then Keri Ports is someone to trust for your reading. Searching for a justifiable, valid medium can be risky – both emotionally and financially. After meeting Keri in person, I was relieved to find her very personable, professional and kind. Many of the questions I had thought of over the years have now been answered and this has brought me closer to finding resolution and closure.

Shelli, Seattle, WA
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