Human & Animal Psychic/Medium


 I am a human & animal psychic/medium/spiritual healer with a passion for traveling around the globe giving intuitive readings for those seeking guidance on their spiritual path.  I work with people privately, in small groups and also teach workshops.  Readings are done in person, on phone or on Skype.

My purpose in this life is to help elevate consciousness! I work one on one with you and teach you the tools to raise your personal vibration, so that YOU can fulfill your own Divine purpose!  We are all a spiritual community, a tribe, that is being called to wake up and live consciously, treating each person, animal, and mother nature with kindness, compassion, respect…and most of all LOVE!



The first time I got a reading from Keri, my jaw dropped to the floor. She brought something up that was the furthest thing from my mind, yet the very thing I needed to hear the most. I am always inspired and empowered by our talks, and am so grateful I can turn to her for guidance when I am in need.
Charanpal Kaur, Santa Cruz, Ca

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